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I love this video. Makes me feel good. 


A Cowgirl

This is my mom, Connie Weishaar. I took this photo of her last summer when I was home during maternity leave. My parents were right in the middle of breeding season, and riding several miles a day scattering bulls and doctoring. She’s riding Lonesome, a gelding they raised.

When I try to describe what I want this website to be, I think of her. She is, and always has been, a cowgirl. “Cowgirl” to the point that if you asked her if she was, she would smile and say “I don’t know.” To me, a real cowgirl is someone like this. They didn’t even know there is a defiiniton for cowgirl. Anyway, my mom and so many cowgirls like her, represent the only definition of a cowgirl that I can relate to. She wakes up selfless with a toughness that is only understandable if you knew her. Ready for whatever meets her head on. She is humble, like all those like her, not knowing what they “are”, or “are not” capable of. In the end making everything possible.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face … You must do the thing you cannot do.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

I absolutely love this bracelet. If you are not familiar with Margaret Sullivan, she is a Cowgirl At Heart. Originally from Texas, Margaret moved to a remote ranch in the mountains of New Mexico where she ranches with her husband. Every piece she makes is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Silver with gold overlay. Enjoy! By the way … I WISH I owned this bracelet. Hint. Hint.

Margaret Sullivan Cowgirl Bracelet

Margaret Sullivan BraceletMargaret Sullivan Bracelet

I referred to my fettish for Airstream trailers in yesterday’s post. I stand corrected. It’s actually a 1964 Avion, and her name is Pinky. Why Pinky? Well, for starters she has a pink oven/stovetop and a pink frig. This was an obvious motivator for her name, but the color of her appliances lead to a “meant-to-be” situation. It goes back to the good ‘ol days, when I was a kid. I had an imaginary friend in a wheel chair, and her name was Pinky. What can I say? I was probably a little more odd than I’d like to admit, anyway it was a no brainer and I named her Pinky.

It’s been a lot of fun remodeling my Avion, and even more fun having a place to escape to when a nap is next to impossible with two little girls under the age of 2. My husband will give me a trailer pass every once in while. I still haven’t decided if he is trying to give me a gift, or just get rid of me? Hmmm? Anyway, here she is. Pinky the Avion Trailer. I’ve got a great story to tell on how I got her, but I’ll save that for later.

1964 Avion Trailer


What is a cowgirl?

For some time now, I’ve been throwing around the idea of starting my own media company. But how much would it take (more $100 bills than would fit in my Airstream Trailer- I’ve got a huge fettish for vintage trailers by the way). So, I heard about this blog thing at a recent publishing seminar that I attended. I sorta, kinda knew what they were, but what caught my attention was the word “free”. I really would have preffered to have started a 120 page glossy magazine with beautiful photos and an endless Travel and Entertainment credit card to use, but since I have $0 after buying formula and diapers I decided to go with “free”. This begins my stab at blogging. I’m not a good writer, and I would be exaggerating if I said I was a “so so” photographer.

What are my plans for this blog? To shed a little light on a little group of people that I admire, and who get very little attention … the Cowgirl. This group of women are made up of the things that are missing in this country today. There are many defintions of a cowgirl, and I’m not going to give you mine, but I am going to bring visuals and first hand experiences of women who are REAL COWGIRLS. I want to show who they are, what makes up there day, and the importance of their stories to women in every corner of this country. These unassuming women can provide all of us some direction in our own lives.

Along the way, I want to have some fun by sharing with you some of my favorite stuff.

Here’s one of them for starters:


Hello world!

Hi. My name is Jodi. I’m a thirty-something gal. I’ve got it all: a loving husband, two beautiful girls and a grand job. I’m your typical working mom. I’m crazy busy, with a longing for a slower paced life. My life is great, but I do long for portions of my past and those who helped shape me into who I am.

Where I come from…

I grew up on a cattle and horse ranch in Northwestern South Dakota. I’ve come to realize that it is the best way to grow up, on a ranch that is. Growing up with the relatively non-confrontational cow, horse, etc. We spent everyday under an endless sky, and clutterless horizon. I don’t even remember going to town before my first day of kindergarten. The things I learned are invaluable. Now, after living on 20 acres in a heavily populated area for the last 10 years, I think of the important role that my very rural upbringing played in my life, and those that helped shape my experiences. One particular group of people that I was surrounded by are ranch women. Tough, classy, passionate and talented women who created a mirror for me to look into and see who I wanted to become. They were true cowgirls who displayed a spirit that I can’t even begin to describe. My mom is one of these women, along with both of my grandmas.

I compile this blog for these women, true cowgirls. Many of them still live this life. Others are women that long for a life like it. Along the way, I want to share their stories along with other little gems that intrigue the Cowgirl at Heart.